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Foundation Damage from Heat and Drought: A Threat in Texas

A home with landscape showing drought like affects on the land

How Foundation Damage from Heat and Drought Can Spell Disaster Over Time

Overbearing Heat and Damage

You've likely seen those cracks in the dry, drought-ridden dirt. Summers in Texas can be brutal, with temperatures rising over 100 for much of the summer. Texas heat doesn't have to get that hot to impact your foundation. Once temperatures begin to hit the 90s, moisture around your foundation starts to evaporate and dehydrate. This can lead to significant damage, such as large cracks in your foundation, uneven floors, or even doors and windows that no longer close correctly. Imagine what that is doing to your home and foundation – imagine those cracks under your house. 

Soil damage, prevalent in Texas's drought conditions, can significantly impact concrete slab foundations. When temperatures exceed 100 degrees without rain, the soil dries out and shrinks away from the slab, leading to potential foundation issues. This shrinkage can cause the concrete to crack and compromise the foundation's stability.

With a pier and beam foundation, the impact of heat and drought damage is similar to that experienced by a slab foundation. However, instead of observing foundation cracks immediately, you will notice the foundation beginning to settle or shift. This movement can lead to compression of the foundation and a weakened structure.


The best condition for your foundation is moist soil, but when a heat wave occurs and the soil becomes dehydrated, the soil shrinks, cracks, shifts, and eventually fails to support your foundation. This lack of support, known as settling, can lead to serious structural issues in your home, such as sagging floors or walls that are no longer straight.

Settling continues until your home or building finds some form of support. If the soil has moved from your structure due to the heat, it will shift until it finds firm soil to reestablish itself. One to two months of such heat can lead to severe damage to structures and foundations, potentially costing you a fortune in repairs. 

If you suspect possible foundation damage, you should do routine checks inside and outside your home for the following:

  • Possible cracks in the slab foundation

  • Uneven floors

  • Cracks in walls

  • Cracks in door and window frames

  • Stuck doors and windows 

But Don't Settle! You don't have to check your foundation. Let us do that for you! 

Contact us! Nova Tech Foundation Repair takes immense pride in calling the Brazos Valley home, having established deep roots in the community over the years. We understand the Texas heat and serve key areas like College Station, Navasota, and Brenham! Nova Tech technicians provide no-obligation foundation evaluations free of cost. During this evaluation, we will thoroughly inspect your foundation for any signs of damage, such as cracks or unevenness. If we find any issues, we will provide you with a detailed report and recommended action. 

Nova Tech has offered quality services for over 30 years. Our reputation for honesty, innovative technology, and quality craftsmanship has set the standard for structural repair services. With a homegrown approach, Nova Tech understands the intricacies of the Brazos Valley landscape and has consistently delivered reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

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